The Abandoned Old Workshop is a location in Bloodborne.
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An old abandoned workshop that bears a remarkable resemblance to the Hunter's Dream, and is likely the real-life counterpart to the Workshop.


The entrance can be found by dropping down from the first floor of the Healing Church Workshop and entering a dark room full of planks and ropes. To the left of the entrance is a group of three ropes stretching down  to a small platform below. The player must drop to this platform, being careful not go too far and fall to the bottom of the pit, which will result in death. From this platform, drop off to the right and open the large doors ahead to reach the workshop.



The Abandoned Old Workshop was the first workshop, founded by Gehrman, the first of the hunters to fight the beasts. When the Healing Church decided to create the Healing Church Workshop and begin sanctioning hunters of their own, lead by Ludwig, Gehrman's workshop fell out of use.

Overcome by despair and loneliness, he used a Third Umbilical Cord (probably the one found at the abandoned workshop) to contact a Great One, the Moon Presence, in order to create the Hunter's Dream. The dream was designed to be a way of helping hunters with the beast hunt by bonding them to both Yharnam and the dream, so if they died in one realm they could awake alive in the other. Another goal of Gehrman was to find a loyal companion and this was granted by creating a living version, in the dream, of the Doll he made and which can be found in the abandoned workshop.

What Gehrman didn't know was that, from the moment the dream was conceived, he was bound to it. Destined to live forever in the dream, guiding and helping all the hunters that would pass through during the countless hunts, he hates this fate and wills to be freed from it as heard once in a rare monologue during one of his naps.


The following items can be found in the Abandoned Old Workshop:


  • Entering the Abandoned Old Workshop grants +2 Insight and awards "The Source of the Dream" Silver Trophy.




Bloodborne - How to Get to the Abandoned Old Workshop00:00

Bloodborne - How to Get to the Abandoned Old Workshop

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