The Bath Messengers allow players to purchase items in Bloodborne.


Bath Messengers is the name for the Messengers that reside in large, chalice-looking bird baths.

They function as shopkeepers and will sell their wares to the Hunter. Amongst these wares are: Consumables, Materials, Weapons, Attires and Chalices.

While at the beginning they will have very limited amounts of items, they will increase their item pool as the Hunter traverses the world, defeating bosses, entering new areas, acquiring Badges, unlocking Chalice Dungeons, and more.

There are only two types of Bath Messengers, which are differentiated by the currency used to acquire items:

  • Blood Echoes: Has the most variety of items overall and allows purchase of the more common consumables and materials in-game. Is also the way to purchase weapons and attire (only attire unlocked by Badges). There is also a variant of this Bath that can be found in the Chalice Dungeons, selling the "Sinister" variants of certain Chalices and the uncanny/lost variants of weapons from the dlc. These Baths are populated by only one Messenger, but as players find Badges, the Messengers will grow in numbers, up to eleven.
  • Insight: This one has less variety, but offers very rare consumables and materials, albeit only after players start delving into the Chalice Dungeons. It also allows the purchase of special attire (only attire unlocked by killing certain enemies). Only has 4 Messengers at all times.

Blood Echoes Shop

Hunter's Dream

Consumables Materials Key Items Right Hand Weapons Left Hand Weapons Attire

Chalice Dungeons

Insight Shop

The Insight Bath Messengers only reveal themselves when the player has at least 10 Insight.

Chalice Dungeon Bath Messenger Locations



  • Buying Uncanny/Lost weapons in the Chalice Dungeon Shop makes them available in the Hunter's Dream's Shop.
  • Finding Uncanny/Lost weapons in the Chalice Dungeons makes them available in the Hunter's Dream's Shop.