Blood Stone Shard

A Blood Stone Shard is a material in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A solid shard that forms in coldblood.
After death, a substance in the blood hardens, and that which does not crystalize is called a blood stone.
At the workshop, these bloodstones are embedded in weapons to fortify them.



Blood Stone Shards are used to upgrade weapons to +1 > +2 > +3. This can be done by choosing "Fortify Weapon" at the Workshop, in the Hunter's Dream.

  • Upgrading a weapon to +1 unlocks the 1st Blood Gem Imprint slot.
  • Upgrading a weapon to +3 unlocks the 2nd Blood Gem Imprint slot.


  • Note that firearms (guns) are the only Left Hand Weapons that allow the use of Blood Gems, and they only contain one (1) Blood Gem Imprint slot (unlocked after the first upgrade).
  • After Weapon Level +3, Twin Blood Stone Shards are required to upgrade weapons.


  • This material is a substance found in blood that is strong enough to be used to strengthen weapons, so it is possibly a form of crystallized iron.
  • This material is the spiritual successor to Dark Souls' Titanite Shard, an upgrading material for the first levels of a weapon or Armor set.
  • The clotting process, also known as coagulation, changes blood from a liquid to a solid.

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