The following is a list of rules that are to be adhered by in all encounters, actions, and interactions that take place while on the Bloodborne Wiki. To suggest changes, issue complaints, or ask any questions about this code, direct said questions, complains or suggestions to any Administrator or Bureaucrat. These rules are always subject to change.

Administrators and Bureaucrats

Who are Administrators and Bureuacrats?

These are the people who will be responsible for enforcing the rules listed on this page. Each of these users will not only enforce, but will follow these rules at all times. Any questions about these rules can be directed at any Administrator or Bureaucrat of the Wiki.


* = Bureuacrat as well as Administrator

The Code of Conduct

1) Bullying and Harassment- Neither bullying nor harassment are to be tolerated on this Wiki at any time. There is a zero tolerance policy for any of these things, and will be dealt with very seriously.

2) Attitude- Please always show a positive, helpful attitude when dealing with other users, or AWCs. This helps build a positive, fun community amongst all of us. Also, do not go around cursing people out or acting immature, that's not the kind of community we're trying to build here.

3) Spam- Spamming, or repeatedly posting the same thing over and over, of symbols, words, or any other content, is prohibited on this Wiki and will be removed if posted.

4) Derailing Topics- When discussing a topic on the Forums, a Blog, or the comment section, please avoid bringing the thread off topic, as this is usually bad for the thread. If you wish to discuss a new topic, create a new thread instead of derailing the old one.

5) Sockpuppeting- Sockpuppeting, or the use of an alternate account, is never permitted on this Wiki. If an alternate account is used to circumvent a block, the alternate will be blocked forever, and the original block will be extended.

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