Grand Cathedral
Bloodborne™ 20151013010910
Status Marked
Connected Areas
After Leads To
Cathedral Ward N/A
Vicar Amelia
Discovery Insight 1 (Finding Vicar Amelia), 3 (Killing Vicar Amelia)

The Grand Cathedral is a location in Bloodborne. It is located in the Cathedral Ward.


A massive Cathedral used for worship, watched over by Vicar Amelia.





  • There is a note seen on near a candlestick on the right side of the cathedral upon entering:
    • "Heir to the ritual of blood, purveyor of ministration. Place your hand on the altar's sacred covering, and inscribe Master Laurence's adage upon your flesh."


  • A large bestial skull can be found on the altar. Interacting with it will show the player a flashback of a conversation between Master Willem and Laurence. While teased to be his skull, it was never truly confirmed to belong to Laurence until The Old Hunters DLC, where an item called "Laurence's Skull" can be found in the Hunter's Nightmare. Curiously enough, it appears to be a normal human skull. It's description states that his human skull exists only within the Nightmare realm, leading one to believe it is a representation of what Laurence once lost.