Graveyard of the Darkbeast
Status Marked
Connected Areas
After Leads To
Hypogean Gaol, Yahar'gul Chapel (when Blood Moon rises) Old Yharnam
Darkbeast Paarl
Discovery Insight 1 (Finding Darkbeast Paarl), 3 (Killing Darkbeast Paarl)

Graveyard of the Darkbeast is a location in Bloodborne.


It is located in Old Yharnam, in the lowest area between Djura and the Blood-starved Beast. The lamp for this area becomes available after defeating Darkbeast Paarl.

Initially, this location is only accessible through Hypogean Gaol.






  • Defector Antal can be summoned in the small path to the boss arena.
  • When entering the Graveyard of the Darkbeast from the Yahar'gul, Unseen Village prison, there is no indication of a location change until the Hunter actually walks through the gate into Old Yharnam. On the other hand, when entering the Graveyard of the Darkbeast through the gate that connects Old Yharnam, there is no indication of a location change, either; so this area could technically be considered a crossroads between Old Yharnam and Yahar'gul.
  • You can access this area before the Blood Moon occurs from killing Rom. After defeating The Blood Starved Beast, Kidnappers will begin to spawn in certain areas around Yharnam. The closest one of these is located just outside of Oedon Chapel; turn right as soon as you leave the building from the Lamp, and hug the wall. Allow it to kill you, which will cause the Hunter to awaken inside a prison called Hypogean Gaol.


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