Knight Set

Knight Set (male)

Knight Set (female)

Attire Type
Attire Set
Physical DEF icon 210 Bolt icon 230
VS Blunt icon 210
VS Thrust icon 230 Slow Poison RES icon 62
Blood DEF icon 340 Rapid Poison RES icon 103
Arcane (DEF) icon 170 Frenzy RES icon 97
Fire icon 170 Beasthood icon 88
Forsaken Castle Cainhurst

The Knight Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne.


  • Cainhurst Castle
    • when exiting through a window (past the elevator shortcut), drop down to a balcony and enter the room leading inside, within there is a chest on the left side with the set, minus the headgear.
    • the headgear lies atop the roof of the castle, guarded by a red-eyed Lost Child of Antiquity. Two more are waiting in ambush and will attack when the player is spotted.

Set Pieces



  • Has extremely good Blood Defense, but poor Physical Defenses. In contrast, the Cainhurst Set is only slightly worse in its Blood Defense, but has decent Physical Defenses.


  • An extremely, richly detailed set, such is the Cainhurst way.
  • One of the few Gendered Attires, attires that have different models for each sex (in fact it is the only where each individual piece is entirely different from the other):
    • The Male version is more like one sees in other hunter sets, with a longcoat-style garb and trousers, while the wig, is simply a wig.
    • The Female version has a garb that is shorter like a coat, and has a "doubled" skirt that simulates bat wings while walking, the wig for the female version is not just a wig, as it also adds a small bowler hat with two white feathers. Additionally, the gloves are of a brighter hue of red and its embroidery is also more golden.
  • The Cainhurst Set, like the Knight Set, has a red cape on the left side of the wearer, with chains that hold it in place.
  • The Maria Hunter Set's design greatly resembles the Knight Set, but modified for the purpose hunting of beasts in Yharnam. The Maria Hunter Set, like the Knight Set, has the same following motifs:
    • It has golden embroidery along the edges of the garb
    • It has a pure white cravat (the frilly scarf that is worn like a tie), with a large gemstone brooch
    • it features a cape on the left side of the wearer, with chains that hold it in place
    • it has frills on the openings of the sleeves (only seen without gloves over it)
    • the trousers are nearly identical to those that are worn on the male version of the Knight Set
    • her cap dons feathers on the top, just like the female version of the Knight Set's headpiece


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