Loran Silverbeast
Bloodborne™ 20150515191312
Affiliation VS Beasts Button Beasts
Locations Lower Loran
(Chalice Dungeon)
Drops Fire Damp Blood Gem (6)
??? ???
Blood Echoes
??? ???
Physical DEF icon
VS Blunt icon
??? ???
VS Thrust icon
Bolt icon
??? ???
Fire icon
Blood DEF icon
??? ???
Arcane (DEF) icon
Slow Poison RES icon
??? ???
Rapid Poison RES icon

The Loran Silverbeast is an optional boss in Bloodborne.


The Loran Silverbeast is identical to the regular Silverbeasts found in the Nightmare Frontier and Nightmare of Mensis although it is significantly stronger.



Apart from its increased attack power and defense, the Loran Silverbeast is no different from the regular versions. It is easily interrupted and very vulnerable to Visceral Attacks. When boosted by the Clawmark rune, it is possible to deplete half its health with a single counter. It is also very weak against fire damage.

During its armed phase, the beast will sometimes "breathe" fire by using its torch. This is very easy to dodge, but has the same stunlock quality as the Flamesprayer weapon. Usually as a follow up to this attack it will perform a jump attack which can be parried by your firearm at any point while the beast is in the air thus giving you the opportunity to perform a visceral attack.

The Beast will switch to its unarmed phase when below 50% health and will attack with electrical blasts and claw swipes. Whilst it is more aggressive in this form, it is unable to attack directly behind it and can be defeated relatively quickly if trapped in a corner.


Loran Silverbeast Boss Battle


Yuka Kitamura - Watchers (Extended) (Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack, OST)

Yuka Kitamura - Watchers (Extended) (Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack, OST)


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