Martyr Logarius
Martyr Logarius
Affiliation Healing Church Executioners Pthumerians
Locations Cainhurst Castle
Drops Crown of Illusions
(on ground after fight)
9081 23883
Blood Echoes
25600 141404
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Martyr Logarius is a Boss in Bloodborne. He can be found at the top of Cainhurst Castle. The Crown of Illusions can be found on the ground after Martyr Logarius is defeated. The Logarius' Seat Lamp will also become available.


Martyr Logarius was once the head of the Executioners, a fanatical partition of the Healing Church, dedicated to the complete and utter destruction of the Cainhurst family for their use of blood that in their eyes was unholy and tainted. At some point, he discovered a "vile secret" within the castle, and took it upon himself to guard it from any who may try to uncover it. He donned the Crown of Illusions and sat himself upon his seat, to guard the place for eternity.

He is mentioned in high regard by Alfred who has the utmost adoration for him.



Martyr Logarius primarily uses arcane-based spells. There are two stages to this fight.

Stage 1

During the first stage, Logarius will mostly avoid engaging the player from melee range. During this time he mainly uses three spells:

  1. Homing Orb. This spell can be avoided and he can be attacked while it is being charged. Note that he can't be interrupted, but a Visceral Attack will cause the Hunter to be temporarily invulnerable.
  2. Row of Skulls. There is some spacing between the skulls, allowing the player to move in between them before the homing kicks in and merges them together.
  3. Skull Explosion, both regular and delayed. These two spells make it dangerous to be within melee range.

If the player is close enough, Logarius will occasionally use his scythe as a melee weapon. This attack is the only one that can be parried with a gunshot during the first stage. Note that it is probably more reliable to simply attack him normally, as he rarely reverts to melee during this phase.

Stage 2

The second stage is triggered at about 70% of his health. Logarius will charge up a large AoE for 7 seconds. While he cannot be interrupted with normal attacks during this time, he can be backstabbed by using a charged attack behind him while he self-buffs. This will cancel his self-buff and allow him to be staggered with ordinary attacks throughout the rest of the fight.

Logarius will now become very aggressive and also gains the ability to levitate. He will start using his sword in his left hand. Most of the time he will swing with both weapons, rather than cast spells, making it possible to stagger him more often.

Logarius can stab his sword into the ground, creating a small AoE. The sword will remain in the ground and a cloud of knives will appear above it. These knives will home in on the Hunter, dealing a small amount of damage with stun-lock properties. The sword can be destroyed by either a gunshot or an attack from a Right Hand Weapon.

Attack Patterns

Attack Name Description How to Counter
Homing Orb Used when the player is far away from Logarius. Slams scythe into ground to charge the spell, then unleashes it upwards. Homes in slightly on the player. Back away or run around.
Row of Skulls Logarius casts a series of skulls in a horizontal line. The skulls will cluster together as they travel out from Logarius. Dodge forward through them, or use slope of the roof to block them.
 Skull Explosion Used when player is close to Logarius. Quickly casts an exploding skull directly in front of himself. Dodge to the right or left after striking, as there is very little tell beforehand.
Delayed Skull Explosion Used when close to Logarius. Will cast spell, hop backwards, then slash scythe to trigger the explosion. Dodge left or right.
Spinning Scythe Slash Stage 2 only. Logarius hovers in the air and dives towards the player after a slight delay. Spins scythe twice when approaching the roof. Often overshoots, but dodging towards him while in the air is effective.
Jumping Slam Stage 2 only. Logarius levitates straight up in the air before slamming his scythe straight down. Run straight away or dodge the instant before he hits the ground.
Sword Stab Quickly stabs sword forward. Dodge left or right.
Scythe Slash Logarius two-hands the scythe and performs a series of slow, powerful slashes. Can do up to three attacks, ending with an overhead slam straight down. Dodge left or right. Use caution as backswing can occasionally still connect if the dodge is mistimed.
Unlimited Blade Works Logarius will stab his sword into the ground, creating a vortex of swords which will spin around, occasionally shooting out and homing in on the player. Destroy the planted sword as quickly as possible.


  • The Crown of Illusions can be found on the ground after Martyr Logarius is defeated.
  • The Arcane Lake Caryll Rune will boost defense against Logarius' arcane attacks.
  • The sword-spell attack can be cancelled by striking the planted sword with a weapon, shooting it with a firearm, or hitting it with projectiles.
  • One strategy for the fight is to stay close to Logarius during the fist stage (making sure to dodge any expanded skulls), limiting his attack options. During the second stage, stagger him as much as possible, while destroying his sword-spell whenever he uses it.
  • Sudden changes in tempo during this fight can make it difficult to stagger Logarius since the weapons he uses have vastly different movesets. In one hand, he uses a scythe with slow swing and stab attacks. In the other hand, he wields a sword for quick slashes and thrusts, which can disrupt the player's tempo. Pay attention to the weapon he is about to use in order to stagger him effectively.


  • Martyr Logarius wears yellow robes, possibly as a reference to Hastur, the King in Yellow.
  • The sword that Logarius wields on his left hand, bears striking resemblance to the Soulbrandt from Demon's Souls.


Bloodborne- Martyr Logarius Boss Fight -10

Bloodborne- Martyr Logarius Boss Fight -10

Martyr Logarius, version after Orange Moon (hard) solo play

Martyr Logarius, version after Orange Moon (hard) solo play

Let's Play Hard - Bloodborne NG Part 25 - Martyr Logarius

Let's Play Hard - Bloodborne NG Part 25 - Martyr Logarius

Martyr Logarius on NG+ - Skill Build

Martyr Logarius Stagger Tactic with Blade of Mercy

Martyr Logarius Strategy - with Lead Elixir-


Ryan Amon - Queen of the Vilebloods (Extended) (Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack, OST)

Ryan Amon - Queen of the Vilebloods (Extended) (Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack, OST)


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