Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice

The Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice is a Chalice item in Bloodborne.

This Chalice can be purchased from the Bath Messengers, found behind a hidden wall in Layer 4 of the Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth (Lower Pthumeru Chalice), for 9000 Blood Echoes.


In-Game Description

Root chalice that breaks multiple labyrinth seals. When used in a ritual, this sinister chalice summons the Sinister Resonant Bell. The bell-ringing woman appears to be a mad Pthumerian.
The old labyrinth was carved out by the Pthumerians, superhuman beings that are said to have unlocked the wisdom of the eldritch Truth.
Note: Additional rite Sinister Bell is for online use only. The bell-ringing woman does not appear offline.


The Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice can be used at a Ritual Altar to create one of the following Chalice Dungeons:

General Chalice Info
Chalice Depth Icon Depth 3
Chalice Area Icon Area Pthumeru
Chalice Ritual Info

Basic Materials

Blood Echoes 3200
Ritual Blood 3 Icon Ritual Blood (3) 12
Tomb Mold 3 Icon Tomb Mold (3) 8

Sinister Bell
Arcane Haze Icon Arcane Haze 19

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