Whirligig Saw
Whirligig Saw
Nightmare Church, down the stairs, below the rafters at the end of the path
Off physical atk Button 95/190
Off blood atk Button -
Off arcane atk Button -
Off fire atk Button -
Off bolt atk Button - Attr. Bonus
QS Bullet Use - Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
Durability icon 230 B/S E/D - D/B
Special Att. Attr. Req.
Slow poison ATK Button Rapid poison Button VS Kin Button VS Beasts Button Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
0 0 100 100 18 12 - -
Weapon Info
Weapon Type Right Hand Weapons
Transform Mace, Giant Buzzsaw
Imprints Normal (Radial, Radial, Waning)
Aux. Effect 20% Serration deals Serration when transformed

The Whirligig Saw is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters dlc.


In-Game Description

A trick weapon crafted by the workshop heretics, the Powder Kegs, and weapon of choice of the Old Hunter Valtr, the Beast Eater.
This weapon pummels beasts in its mace form, but its true strength lies in its attached mechanical saws.
These discs, lined with serrated teeth,spin rapidly, thrashing the flesh of beasts into fine shreds.


  • Nightmare Church, go down the stairs inside the church, proceed down the rafters and walk to the left. At the end is the corpse holding the Whirligig Saw.


The Whirligig Saw is a curious weapon, its one handed mode has almost exactly the same attack pattern as the Kirkhammer and Ludwig's Holy Blade, albeit that its speed is slower yet has more range. It lacks both these weapons ability of dealing "righteous damage" to the residents of Cainhurst or the Pthumerians.

The transformed mode of this weapon turns it into an extended buzzsaw, complete with a lot of range, damage, and stagger potential. Additionally, it has very fluid and natural attacks, and a special attack that is triggered by holding the L2 button, this will leave players holding the saw as it cuts downs opponents with very fast and consecutive damage.

It also has a terrific Arcane scaling, which is great for players focused on elemental builds. Giving it fire damage will turn this weapon an invaluable boon against almost all beasts within the game, provided that players have the necessary stats to do so. Additionally, the weapon has an above average rallying potential.


  • Whirligig Saw's charge time is about the same as Stake Driver's but deals a lot less damage yet consumes less stamina.
  • It has the best value of Rally in the game when transformed.
  • The move set will be shown Here


  • This is Valtr's weapon of choice.
  • The Whirligig Saw has plenty of components made of a greenish metal, it is possible that metal is brass seeing as it is the same color as the Old Hunter Gloves, and that in the early days of the retaliation against the beasts, brass was believed to ward the blood of beasts.



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