Witch's Abode
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Status Marked
Connected Areas
After Leads To
Hemwick Charnel Lane N/A
The Witch of Hemwick
Discovery Insight ???

The Witch's Abode is a location in Bloodborne.


A dilapidated castle, located deep in Hemwick Charnel Lane, serves as the supposed home of The Witch of Hemwick, who has decorated the interior of her abode with numerous corpses, which all hang from the chains on the ceiling. Two sets of wooden ramps are on either side of the arena, which lead to a wooden bridge that has collapsed at one point.

Once the witch, and potentially her familiars, lie dead, an archway is revealed at the end of the area, behind the Witch's Abode lamp. Going through this archway, down the stairs and through the tunnel leads to a door; behind this door is seemingly an interrogation room, where the ceiling has partially collapsed and light shines upon a long-dead hunter, who is tied to a chair. Looting this unfortunate hunter gifts the player with the Rune Workshop Tool or, if they already have the tool and are on a subsequent playthrough, a Kin Coldblood (12).



  • Mad One


  • The Witch of Hemwick


  • The Witch's Abode lamp becomes available after defeating The Witch of Hemwick.
  • One insight is gained for finding the Witches, another two is gained for killing the Witches.